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Coats for Kids

We have been made aware of a HUGE need in our community. The local school districts are seeing an epidemic of students not owning winter coats, and with this winter continuing to dredge on, we want to partner with multiple other organizations that are doing something about it.

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The Plan

We have about 150 candy cups to sell before Valentine's Day. In order to raise funds to be able to purchase coats for kiddos in our community, we will be using 100% of the net proceeds from each candy cup we sell to purchase coats and give them to the local schools.

We can do large-scale orders with enough lead time (so we can order the necessary supplies)


It is not going to solve the problem, but we certainly hope to raise awareness and contribute to the solution for our kids!


Cups are $12 each, with pickup in Beloit. Delivery is available for a fee.


Please use the button to the right to place an order.  We will do our best to guarantee your choice of topper, but due to limited supplies we may need to use your backup choice. 

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